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Later Mate


Later Mate is your SMS and call assistant when you can't attend your calls.

Before you get busy, just select the message to send, whom to send and whether to reject incoming calls or not.

Later Mate will handle any incoming calls based upon your selected settings so that you don't even have to look atyour mobile and the caller will be notified.

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DS DSCollapseView is an iOS SDK which allows a view to be collapsed based on drag gesture. The collapsable view can be put on top of any other view

The rate of collapse can be configured.

Behaviour of any subview of collapse view can also be configured.

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CLI Application

Lameboy is an interactive AWS Lambda function deployment CLI tool. It creates/updates functions with new version with every deployment.

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Browser Extension

Dabs gives you quick access to your webpages you visit frequently in a second and without any hassle.




Alexa Skill App

Choices chooses out an option for you from the ones asked. A fun little way to get your confusion.

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Open source OpenCV-C++ project. Visual effects from Video source or video and visualising with fancy colors or syncingup with the music.

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Ghost Prompt is similar to Android's snack bar but with custom controls for animations.

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Net Notify


Net Notify will give the current data transfer rate as a notification. It gives you the speed of both Wi-Fi connectionand Mobile Internet.
Also, you can see the Total Data Transfer log. Start the log, Stop and Reset it whenever you want.

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About Me

Divyansh Singh is a software developer with experience in Android, iOS, NodeJS, Firebase, Broswer extensions and other platforms. Apart from develpoment, he also has experience in architecturing solutions in AWS.

Divyansh is currently working as Head Of Engineering at Utter.

To be able to build any product from ground up is the key motivation for explorig all platforms and building on it.

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